Quest Log

This is the Quest Log.

It is not a log you can sit on, rather it is a means of tracking all of those pesky things that need to be done that might take more than one adventure. In a sense, it is also a way of keeping track of the plot without having to read all of that crap I wrote in the adventure log.

Current Quests

  • The party is in possession of a strange silver amulet. Because the adventurers have lost their memories, this amulet seems to be the most promising means of uncovering what they have been up to and how they wound up in the basement of a dungeon.
  • Middlehaven’s resident apothecary has asked the group to find him a rare herb which grows only in the northern part of the world. The group has procured a quantity of the Silverleaf from the apothecary in Brightgrove.
  • Alinys Steelmantle, late cook of the Horizon’s Trident, has asked the adventurers to inform her brother of her fate.
  • A lovely woman informed Larentia that the amulet’s runes looked Draconian, and that the Blue Dragon which was rumored to live in the mountains to the north might know something about this.

Quest Log

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