Rethbane of the North

Undead smashing, Zombie crushing, Wraith raping bathing master.


Strength: 18 (+4)(Misc +1)

Dexterity: 9 (-1)

Constitution: 14 (+2)

Intelligence: 8 (-1)

Wisdom: 11 (+0)

Charisma: 14 (+2)

HP: 51

AC: 20; Touch 9; Flatfooted 18

Modifier Effects:
  1. Silver Belt (+1 Str)
  2. Symbol of Pelor (+1 Fort/Will saves)
  3. Ring of Protection +1
  4. Heavy Shield +1
  5. Flametongue +1 hit/dmg
  1. Toughness (+3 HP)
  2. Weapon Focus Longsword (+1 Base Attack Bonus)
  3. Improved Initiative (+4 Initiative)
Special Abilities:
  1. Detect Good/Evil
  2. Smite Evil: 2/Day, +Hit equal to Cha, +Dmg equal to Level
  3. Divine Grace: +Cha to saving throws
  4. Lay on Hands: 1/Day, Level x Cha
  5. Fear immunity and +4 Morale for party members in 10ft on fear saves
  6. Disease immunity

As a baby I was taken by a sect of crusaders known as the Covenent of Pelor after they swept through my homelands of the north. As I grew my mentor and father figure, Vjolner the Divine, taught me the ways of the light. I learned how to wield weapons and avenge the people who cannot fight for themselves. He told me about where I was born and of my homeland on my 21st year. I was educated about my father’s tyranny and how I came to be a member of the Covenent. He told me of how I was forced upon him by a nurse whilst passing through a small garrison. Because of his being the high priest he was sworn to celibacy, however, he still longed for a child to rear in the way of the order, to one day become the next high priest of the order.

Soon after I left the temple and Vjolner in search of my own fate, with the promise that I would one day return to take my bring enlightenment to the order. I traveled north in search of my ancestral homeland to find the truth in Vjolner’s words and Divine inspiration. I found a small contigent of Nordic hunters during my 25th year. Leading me back to their elders, I listened to their tales of my fathers tyranny, however, not all was as Vjolner said. Vjolner had lead me to believe that my father was pure evil; a spawn of Hextor, a madman infatuated with conquering the lands to the east, terrorizing villages and slaughtering all in sight. Although my faith is forever unyielding I never did return to Vjolner. The elders told me of all the good my father had accomplished in his life: construction of towns and roads, the unification of the outlying villages, and the victories over raiders from lands far away. Eventually the people of the North declared him King. For a short time the King ruled with great benevolence, however, as with most men, he fell prey to the lust for power and sank into madness. The villagers rebeled against my father with the help of Vjolner, he fell shortly after. The people went back to their families and loose-knit clans and remained peaceful for years after. I was told that my mother had reigned for several years after my fathers death, but that she had vanished one night and never returned.

This is where my quest leads me, to find the woman I know only as a ghost. Katrianna the Queen of the North, gone missing in the night, the only clue to her whearabouts – a desert rose left upon her bed. I am now 28, searching for something I may never find, but I have helped many people and fought many battles in the name of Pelor. I will, however, find the truth – for the teachings of Pelor state that truth is absolute and will deliver me from judgement.

Rethbane of the North

Silver Dawn Rethbane