Macail Ironbeard


Strength: 18

Dexterity: 10

Constitution: 14

Intelligence: 10

Wisdom: 18

Charisma: 10

HP: 45

AC: 20 [10 + 5 Armor + 2 Shield + 3 Misc. (2 Rings of Protection, Masterwork Bear Skin Cloak)]


Heavy Club of Fire 1D6 +1D6 (Fire)

When activated, this club is wrapped in arcane fire, damaging all but the wielder of the weapon (thankfully).

The Nutcracker (Heavy Mace +1)


+1 Attack Bonus

This heavy mace has been fashioned in the form of grinning man, mouth open as if screaming out in agony. Metallic, white hair has been fashioned into blunted spikes to further increase the pain caused by this magical weapon. Additionally, when a cleric has this club on his person, it smiles serenely when a healing spell is cast. This grants an additional +1 HP healed per level of the caster. Where this benevolent enchantment springs from is unknown.

Light Crossbow Bolts: 1D6

This standard crossbow is slightly faster than its heavy counterparts.


Macail, as a dwarven cleric, worships Marthammor Duin, and as such has a brutal hatred of the orcish species. Going so far as to be a veritable racist towards their existence.

Macail is known as Ironbeard, as he is a rare dwarf, having gone prematurely grey. His previous surname was Thundershield, a family of smiths renowned as great warriors and creators of powerful shields.

Their family is thirtieth in line to the thrown of the current dwarven royalty, the Mountain Clan of Molten Gold led by King Cairn.

He is the third son, and fifth child, of seven, of his father, Sturmon Thundershield, slayer of goblins. Falling under the shadow of a clan of dwarves, Macail struck out on his own to make a name for himself. He considers himself a clan of one, having wandered the monasteries, churches, and hearths of the world, worshiping Moradin, killing orcs throughout the lands, and hoping to find meaning in his life before joining his god in the eternal battle against Gruumish.

Macail has developed a bitter streak through his wanderings, and a chip on his shoulder the size of a small mountain. Amongst his journies, he prayed at the hearthstones of the halflings in the south, staying with them for a year and learning the respect for the home that the goddess Yondalla teaches. After this he spent a summer and fall studying the books of a small half-elf enclave in the jungles on the coast, and then spent several seasons with the ocean dwelling dwarves of the island chain named for the metals which are found amongst the various subterranean zones of the islands. Copper Island’s coves held many moments of serenity, meditating amongst the monks of Dumathoin.

Later, he worked as the healer for a small fishing vessel, traveling north and working with the fishermen amongst the sun enough to darken the pale tint of his skin. Having wandered in search of a clan and hearth to call home, he found little in the way of answers, and now seeks to carve a path back to his homeland, though he cares little if the path is made on the backs of many broken orcish bodies.

This noble Volamtar (Blazer of Fresh Trails), has a new goal in mind. Though his chosen profession brings a certain dishonour to his family, he seeks to reconnect with the legacy of his people, and bring a message of a courageous death to the brother of Alinys Steelmantle on Copper Isle. Going against the traditional teachings of all dwarven kind he will wander until he has made peace with himself, and can reconcile with his family.

Macail Ironbeard

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