Jalenia Nyomril


Strength: 12 Dexterity: 19 Constitution: 14 Intelligence: 8 Wisdom: 13 Charisma: 8

HP: 43

AC: 20


Short Sword 1D6 +4 attack bonus

Composite Longbow 1D8 +7 attack bonus

I made this bow from a branch of the tree under which I buried my son, so it’s very precious to me. It is made of a dark wood and is intricately carved with the shapes of the flora of my homeland and my son’s name, Calbreth.

Missle-throw 1D8+1D(frost) +7 attack bonus


From an early age I took an interest in the woodlands surrounding my home. I spent more time with the creatures of the forest than with the other townspeople, and so have a more true understanding of animals than people, and have also come to realize how little difference there really is between them. As I grew older, my tracking and archery skills began to be noticed. Before long, I was recruited to become a part of the elite guard of a noble family who lived not far from my hometown. I was soon the equal of almost any of the guard who had been there far longer than I, but I remained distant from them. Having discovered a hidden way in and out of the fortress town, I often slipped off in to the forest for days at a time, finding more companionship there than amongst the townspeople.

While returning from one of these wanderings, I happened upon a traveler who was seeking the house of my master, a minstrel named Gelberryn. As I was returning, I accompanied him along the path. He made a meager living, traveling between towns and entertaining the townspeople with his tales and songs of ancient deeds long forgotten. He planned to stay in the town for some time, and we met often during those weeks. He would regale me with wondrous tales and I taught him what I could of the ways of nature, even showing him the hidden way I had found. For the first time, I felt a true connection with someone. I fell in love with him. He had planned to move on from the town in a few weeks, but I convinced him to stay and got him a job entertaining the guard. He would accompany them in their travels, making the long marches more bearable with his music, but always returning to me.

Then came the day when Gelberryn did not return. While on a routine march, the group of soldiers he had been with were attacked unexpectedly by the troops of the sworn enemy of my master. Only a single soldier made it back to the town, and he survived only long enough to tell the tale. The body of my lover had not even been found. There was no way to retaliate, for the whereabouts of that enemy’s home had never been discovered. Heartbroken, I ran to the forest—my solace for so many years. However I soon realized that I could not remain there for long, for I was with child. I returned to the town, but not to my duties, and soon gave birth to my son, whom I cherished above all things, even more so because of the memory of his father.

When my son was still an infant, the army of that same enemy attacked the town. I longed to join in the battle, to seek vengeance for the death of my lover, but my first priority was to protect my son. I headed to the hidden way out of the town only to find troops pouring in through it, led by the captain of their guard—a man that I recognized instantly. It was Gelberryn. He had not died, but as our eyes met, I knew also that he had never loved me. I was nothing more than his pawn in scouting the town. Shocked and crushed, I could do nothing but stand there, holding our child. It was that hesitation that cost me everything. For he did not hesitate. He was smiling as he aimed his bow at my heart. I did the only thing I could. I ran. His arrow pierced my shoulder as I fled, but I did not stop.

I did not stop until I had run deep into the forest. It was only then that I realized that for all this time my son had made no sound. The arrow that pierced my shoulder had gone straight through—and into the skull of my son. There was nothing I could have done to save him, the child for whom I would have gladly sacrificed everything. My lover, his father, had killed him in cold blood.

Since that time, I have wandered the land. I have seen no sign of the enemy of my master, nor of Gelberryn, but when we next meet, I will not make the same mistake again. I will not hesitate. He got inside my head as no man ever had – nor ever will again – and he stripped me of everything. He took my son from me, and for that there is no forgiveness.

Jalenia Nyomril

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