Aoife Anrodsson

I sneaks.


Strength: 12

Dexterity: 18

Constitution: 14

Intelligence: 10

Wisdom: 13

Charisma: 8

HP: 34

AC: 20

Fortitude: 3

Reflex: 8

Will: 2


Large Crossbow – Atk Bonus 7; 1d8; range 80

Short Sword of ‘Sleighing’ – This sparkling sword is very difficult to look at. Eternally out of focus, it is as if part of the sword exists in some other space or time. While using the sword, nearby allies often get an odd sense of deja vu. Did this happen before?

Damage: 1d6+2

To-hit bonus: +2

Critical: 19-20

Special Abilities: Once per day, as a free action, this sword allows the wielder to re-roll any one dice roll just made. The roll must have been made while the sword was in hand. The new roll must be taken.

Short Sword – Atk Bonus 6; 1d6 (attack rolls are natural)

Dagger – Atk Bonus 2; 1d4; can throw, range 10


I am a human female, rogue, chaotic neutral. I have black hair and green eyes and am fairly short. I am quiet, watchful and mistrust virtually everyone. I enjoy moonlight walks through forests, lurking in corners of seedy taverns, and shivving people who get in my way. My father was Anrod Skarrson, a moderately talented thief (only moderately, because he got caught and hanged). My mother died in childbirth. I mostly raised myself from about the age of 8, except for a brief time when some rich guy tried to civilize me, but I stole his silverware and snuck out the kitchen window in the night. Incidentally, he doesn’t like me very much, but that was years ago so he probably wouldn’t recognise me now. I have a general dislike for law-figures (for hanging my Dad) and for intelligent rich people. Stupid rich people I love, because they can usually be a source of wealth and/or amusement. I also have a deep-seated hatred of arrow traps. And I just bought a horse. Yay, horse!

Aoife Anrodsson

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