Silver Dawn

Trials and Tribulations

The party, weary from shiprecks and riddles, arrived in Brightgrove and spent an evening gathering information and resting weary bones. Several events of interest occured in the town, including:

A visit to the local apothecary, Simon Salzman. Salzman lamented that Frostleaf was in short supply, but offered to part with what little he had for 750 gold. The party agreed, and purchased his supply. The plant grows beyond the Glaciercrown Mountains to the north, he informed the group, and he would pay the adventurers handsomely should they find a way to refill his supply.

The party spent the night attempting to gather information about the mysterious silver medallion, to no avail. The next morning, however, they were approached by a woman named Fay, who identified the runes etched into the ornate jewelry as Draconic in nature. As a mere inquisitive commoner, she insisted that she could offer no translation, but noted that a blue dragon is rumored to dwell in the mountains to the north.

Arriving at the local church of Pelor, seeking guidance and spiritual enlightenment, Rethbane instead encountered a wizened and battle-scarred Paladin who introduced himself as Gardius Lichslayer. Gardius claimed to have been a servant of Vjolner the Divine before Vjolner’s unfortunate descent into madness and depravity. The all-around badass looking Paladin offered Rethbane an interesting quest: the favor of his God could be gained through the overcoming of several trials in a nearby ruined temple. Rethbane considered his words carefully, before gathering his friends and heading to the area Gardius has indicated.

The Temple of Three Trials, as the ruins were called, opened readily to the bearer of the symbol of Pelor. Descending an ancient worn staircase, the group came upon the first trial: simple puzzle written in celestial. The party had no difficulty deciphering the poem written in the room, and magically extinguished an everliving flame to continue.

The second trial proved much more difficult; a particularly devilish logic puzzle. Though they debated the answer intesnely for many minutes, the adventuring team could not decide upon an acceptable solution to the riddle and decided to take their chances. Their first guess resulted in the group being blasted with a holy light, but the second proved to be correct.

The third trial was more straightforward and something to which the group had become quite accustomed: mortal combat with some big-ass monsters.

When all three trials had been overcome, Rethbane found himself blessed with Pelor’s favor: he had been given a divine Polar Bear to accompany him on the field of battle. Rethbane named the bear Haldir.



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