Silver Dawn

Tombs and Travel

With the trade festival drawing to a close, and Macail’s god-mandated debauchery winding down as well, the adventuring team turned their attention northward. Conveniently, a recent friend happened to be heading back to his home town, and wondered if the adventuring team would care to accompany him. Though he could offer no financial reward for their help escorting him safely home, Ordral offered great company and the promise of adventure, two commodities for which the group was happy to exchange their services.

The small port town of Mildon, explained Ordral, lay on the other side of the Daggerspine Mountains, and would prove a long, if somewhat uninteresting journey. Ordral seemed nonplussed when the group encountered a recent cave-in in the Daggerspine Underpass, though the group seemed frustrated by the delay; Rethbane and Larentia in particular seemed excited to be heading north. Ordral, a master of the finer points of clearing cave-ins, offered the group some sport while they wait: a nearby hidden tomb, constructed by dwarves many years ago. Though Ordral himself had been unable to excavate the tomb, he had no doubt that the adventuring group, clever and strong as they were, would make short work of the ancient puzzles within.

Inside the tomb, the group found an array of aged mechanisms designed with the clear purpose of preventing individuals from reaching the innermost sanctum. Though the dungeon was old and had clearly been abandoned by intelligent life many years prior, the group was impressed to find the dwarven mechanisms still working flawlessly. Magic, perhaps, or dwarven ingenuity. Maybe a little bit of both.

In several spots, the group was forced to split up in order to advance further within the tomb. At one point, the part was even forced to divide into three – at which point each group was made to face their own individual challenges. While Jalenia made friends with a Wight, Rethbane and Larentia demonlished a rogue bookcase and Macail and Aeofe took care of an Allip (with a little assistance from Rethbane). Worn but not defeated, the group pressed further into the tomb.

It was in the final chamber that the group encountered the greatest challenge they had yet faced. In the high-vaulted final burial chamber, dark and deep beneath the Daggerspine Mountains, the group fought and defeated a Tendriculous, an enormous creature of vines and thorns. Though they were nearly defeated in the process, Aoife – who, through a combination of roguish skill and luck remained utterly unharmed – ultimately dealt the killing blow that ensured the group’s success.

Collecting their spoils and hobbling back out of the tomb, the group found a very concerned Ordral. Because they had been gone for so long, and because he had been unable to follow, Ordral organized a quick search and rescue party and attempted to head back in search of his doomed friends. Elated to see them all in one piece, Ordral made sure the group was healed up and in high spirits for the rest of the trip.



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