Silver Dawn

A murder in our midst

Awakening to a beautiful (snow free!) day, the adventuring party stretched their aching muscles and prepared themselves for a nice, relaxing trade festival.

Unfortunately, a peaceful and relaxing day was not to be. A prominent figure in the local community – and an important man of the divine – had been slain ruthlessly while the heroes were sleeping. A collection of green hand documents – including various communications between group members and financial documents – had been stolen from the Temple of Pelor. The murderer, doubtless sympathetic to the Hand’s motives, had left several key pieces of evidence at the scene of the crime: a scrap of deep red cloth, and a small amount of an unidentified poison.

Taking advantage of the foreign traders occupying the town, the group was able to determine that the cloth was well woven and dyed with a rare type of crimson ink. The poison, revealed the apothecary, was created from the natural paralyzing emissions of ghouls.

Using this information, the adventuring party determined that the culprit must have been one of Middlehaven’s social elite. Only an upper-class individual would have access to the resources necessary to pull of the deed.

Making their way to the as yet unexplored Nobles’ district of town, the party was ambushed by assassins. When slain, a document upon one of the would-be assassins’ corpses revealed that they had been hired by one Sir Morgan to silence any investigators of Father Bartholomew’s murder.

Recruiting their old friend Treld’s reluctant assistance, the adventuring troupe entered Sir Morgan’s manor to hunt down the felon. Though it came as no surprise to Aoefe, who was quick to pass judgment on those with coin, Rethbane was troubled by the depth of evil that he sensed within the nobles’ district. It seemed as though all was not well with Middlehaven’s aristocracy.

Making short work of Sir Morgan, his servants, staff, associates and immediate family, the group recovered the Green Hand documents and reveled in the vengeance they had wrought. The documents were given to a local guard, who expressed his undying gratitude to the group for bringing justice when the town’s guardsmen were unable to.



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