Silver Dawn

Light's Out

The party, having passed a (mostly) restful night aboard Ordral’s wagon, soon arrived at Mildion. Parting ways with their dwarven companion, the heroes quickly set about exploring the new location. Merchants! Quests! Booze!

Eventually, the group realized that their trek northward would require the chartering of a ship, and headed toward the docks. It was there they met a striking half elf by the name of Wilgold. Unfortunately, explained Wilgold, no ships would be leaving port any time in the near future. The owners of the ships – local and foreign merchant lords – were not willing to risk the safety of their vessels while a nearby lighthouse remained unlit. It was thus decided that the adventuring troupe would head to the Gilded Sentinel, the not-so-aptly named nearby lighthouse, to investigate.

Near the Sentinel, the party came across the wreckage of several ships. Even more ominous was the realization that all of the cargo from the ships had been scavenged, indicating that the Sentinel’s strange darkness may not have been an accident after all.

A quick lock-pick later, the party found themselves inside the stone-hewn tower. An obviously well-worn structure, the Gilded Sentinel was dilapidated and generally falling apart. Above and beyond even that, recent signs of conflict were apparent, including scratch and drag marks on the floor. The keen eyes of the party’s resident elf quickly spotted the culprit – a strange worm-creature, of which the party made quick work.

Ascending the tower, the party came across what seemed to be an empty room. They had not been there long when a hideous green-skinned woman struck them from out of nowhere. Attempting to fight the party with subversive and duplicitous tactics proved fruitless for the hag, as the Sorceress, thinking quickly, activated a scroll of See Invisibility. The hag was forced to flee out of the window of her lair and away from the party’s keen vision and even keener blades.

The next floor of the tower provided the party only with mystery: a strange blue-furred quadruped had taken up residence in the remains of the tower’s library. Showing no obvious signs of hostility, the “dog” instead made a few attempts at communication before following the party around, making them all… nervous, to say the least.

Ascending to the top of the Sentinel, and into the salty sea air, the party came across their final encounter. An unexpected attack by a vicious Harpoon Spider was made all the more dangerous by the reappearance of the Hag. Trying to trick the party by shifting into the form of a small child proved a pointless tactic; the Paladin’s Detect Evil ability left no doubt about the “child’s” true nature. During the fight, the blue-furred creature spent its time teleporting around, talking to the Hag, and making a nuisance of itself. It escaped before the party could divine its true intentions.

With the monsters defeated and the Sentinel re-lit, the adventurers returned to Mildion for a well-deserved rest.



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