Silver Dawn

Frosty's Tower

An insane wizard and his snow-golems

Upon their return to Middlehaven, the adventuring party was surprised to see snow on the ground. With the gates shut and no guards to be found, the party was momentarily at a loss. Before long, however, they were approached by a local girl.

She informed the troupe that a nearby wizard named Frosty was wreaking havoc upon Middlehaven with his seemingly endless supply of constructed snow-golems. Although the town’s guards had stormed Frosty’s tower, their initial onslaught was met with resistance and the guards were now stuck in a stalemate with the crazy spell-caster. Wouldn’t the heroes go and help?

Frosty’s tower, though filled with bizarre traps and obstacles, proved little challenge for the team. They hurriedly ascended to the top of the tower, where they found the villain himself, wrapped in sky-blue robes and in the process of dumping more snow upon the surrounding countryside.

The battle proceeded quickly, Frosty’s flimsy robes providing scant protection from the heroes’ weaponry. Although Frosty did manage to immobilize the party at once point, the group was saved by the arrival of Antas, an exceptionally short and vivacious elf, wearing robes of pure crimson.

With their work complete, each member of the group was given a special gift by Antas, who felt that their hard work throughout the year deserved a reward.




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