Silver Dawn

Bandits in the hills

The adventuring troupe recently decided to take a few steps off of the beaten trail (quite literally) to engage in that oh-so-noble pursuit of loot. I mean knowledge!

After patiently listening to Middlehaven’s two oddities collectors vie for the party’s favor, the group set out toward the Daggerspine Mountain range to the north-east to locate a wagon and an aged scroll. Skirting around the familiar Featherpetal Forest, the party made good time reaching the mountains and quickly set about their business.

After briefly trying to set fire to things, the party came upon the aforementioned wagon, harness-less and mired. The wagon’s owned, a dwarf by the name of Ordral, begged the group for their assistance: would they be so kind as to locate the Ox harness which had been stolen from him some time ago?

Making rather short work of the bandits in the area, the party located the harness and safely escorted Ordral out of Daggerspine with little incident. In his gratitude, the dwarf not only gave the party the rare scroll free of charge, but offered them their selection of magical rings as well.

Returning to Middlehaven, the party entrusted the Scroll to a local scribe, hoping to have an accurate copy fabricated. Retiring to their room at the inn, they cannot help but wonder: what does the town’s impending trade festival have in store for them?



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